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Bike Checks: Antoine Vidal’s Commencal Supreme & Meta AM

Happy Riding

If you ran a poll as to who was the most underrated rider of 2019, then Antoine Vidal probably should win those stakes.

He went about it quietly, putting a in string of fast, consistent performances to grab the EWS Under-21 title with six race victories and a worst showing of 4th. Of course, performance in the Under-21 field is not always a great predictor of form in the senior competition, but at the Northstar round his time was good enough to have placed him 8th in the elite competition. Alongside this, he managed to grab a French national jersey to allow him to race DH on the world stage. It started slowly, with 14th at Fort William, building up to taking junior silver at the World Champs in Mont St Anne. To cap it all, he popped down under just before Christmas and won Under-19s at the Australian Open in Thredbo, no small feat considering the depth of talent down there.

This winter he moved out of his parents’ house and in with the Ravanels so he can focus 100% on his training. As well as his ever-growing palmaires, he is studying under the Ravanels to qualify as a trainer for once his riding days are done. All this and he’s not even 20 yet – definitely one to watch for the coming years, although don’t expect to see him too often at the World Cups; having raced both he finds enduro more fun and wants to concentrate there for the time being.

Commencal Supreme

Commencal Meta AM 29

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