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Bike Check: Wyn Masters’ GT Fury Team – iXS Cup Test Session

Happy Riding

New Zealand will always be home but these days Wyn Masters is a true globetrotter, having spent the European summer mostly in Munich, with plans already in motion to move to the UK soon.

Spending most of his riding time on his enduro race bike, a big objective in his setup choices was to create a similar feeling between his different bikes. The Fury offers plenty of different geometry settings to play around with – like a flip chip at the shock and dropout inserts – but Wyn is also using an angle set for fine-tuning his head angle. Currently, he is running a bit of a steeper setup than stock to get more weight on the front.

With a 29” front wheel, he chooses to spec the Fury with a 27.5” rear. He’s also running that combination on his enduro bike and the Fury is designed to work with either wheel size out back. Although he was really using NotARace as a test session so he also did some test laps on the 29er rear wheel.

bigquotes All of my settings on the downhill bike are based on my enduro race bike’s setup. I just try to keep my bikes as similar as possible.Wyn Masters

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Happy Riding

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