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Bike Check: Ralf Holleis’ Euro-Tastic Moorhuhn 129

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Ralf Holleis no doubt left an impression when he unveiled his additive manufactured steel frame last month. His mission statement was to make steel sexy again and there’s no doubt he delivered on the frame thanks to a swooping aesthetic and a mirror shine finish.

It only seems fitting that he would complement the frame with an equally exotic build, and he’s pulled no punches in assembling the most boutique European parts to finish it off. The spec list reads like a mountain biker’s Christmas list, with precision German engineering on the brakes and suspension, deluxe Spanish carbon controls, an Italian CNC’d drivetrain, French rubber sticking the bike to the ground and British components taking most of the contact points.

The result is a chrome beauty that is comfortably in the running for sexiest bike of the year. The bike was made as part of the #theeuropeanbikechallenge on Instagram, a competition showing off the very best of European MTB manufacturing. You can follow along with the rest of the builds, here.

Ralf is currently only producing 12 of these frames a year at a price of €6,000, however that may change soon as, following feedback from the previous article, he is hoping to run a Kickstarter at the end of the year to reduce the price.

Spawned from the brilliant mind of Cornelius Kapfinger, Intend’s Hover shock takes care of rear suspension duties. Ralf runs it with 500psi.

It’s Intend again up front thanks to the 150mm travel Hero fork, this time pressurised with 100psi.

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