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Bike Check: Nina Hoffmann’s Santa Cruz V10 – iXS Cup Test Session

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After her successful 2019 campaign as a privateer that saw her finish fourth in the overall World Cup ranking while even being injured during the final stages of the season, everyone was expecting Nina Hoffmann to join a factory team for 2020.

Instead, she chose to tackle the racing season with her own UCI team, allowing her some more flexibility in her choice of sponsors and independence in general. Stif, the UK distributor for Santa Cruz bicycles is acting as her main sponsor, adding Reserve wheels to her Santa Cruz and Juliana frame deal.

Nina is also involved in prototype testing at Levelnine. With her current setup, she’s in detail giving feedback on the differences between the new 35mm clamp and her regular 31.8mm setup. Interestingly, to her, the wider clamp offers minimally better damping.

Having worked on a base setup with Fox in Lousa, Hoffmann added another five percent of air pressure to her fork and stepped up to a stiffer spring in the rear after some additional testing. The added support helped her to feel more secure on the bike. Also, she’s running a quicker rebound setting compared to last season, allowing her to ride the bike more actively.

bigquotes Last year I was running a size medium frame with longer reach adjust, this year a size large with a shorter reach adjust. It always used to feel a bit short so now it’s the perfect fit for me.Nina Hoffmann

Nina is running a size large frame with a Reverse Reachset, shortening the reach by 6mm.

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