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Bike Check: Matt Simmonds’ Privateer 161

Happy Riding

Matt Simmonds said farewell to World Cup racing after a final year on Cannondale’s experimental downhill race team earlier this season-ending a 14-year stint travelling the world racing bikes. He’s not stepping away from racing completely though and will instead focus on British National rounds and his coaching venture, ProLine MTB, with Privateer Bikes.

Privateer’s bombproof frame and affordable cost make them a tantalising proposition for those who want to race self-funded but Matt has been able to pull in a number of sponsors to give his personal bike the pro build treatment. Alongside one of the most talked-about frames of the year are components from Ohlins, Shimano, Kenda and Hunt that leave Matt with a super-sweet race build.

Matt is pretty into his set up geekery and has provided us with all the tech info on the bike we could wish for. Let’s dig in and take a closer look at his stealthy enduro assassin.

bigquotes “Since the start of lockdown I’ve been riding the 161 and can honestly say it’s been a highlight of many a day.

Its steep seat angle makes tackling the climbs so much faster and it smashes the gnarliest descents. The 161 does it all and I’m really looking forward to taking it further afield and finding it’s boundaries, if it has any!”

Matt Simmonds

Spring -600lb spring
Rebound – 8 clicks
LSC – 6 clicks
HSC – 2 clicks

Spring – 457 lb spring
Rebound – 3 clicks
LSC – 5 clicks
HSC – 1 click

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