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Bike Check: Andi Kolb’s Gamux DH Prototype

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Andi Kolb showed up to the iXS NotARace Test Session with a prototype DH bike from Gamux, a Swiss company that’s focused on creating customized products via 3D printing that are tailored to the end customer or, in terms of their Factory Team, their riders.

At this point, Kolb’s workhorse doesn’t even have an official model name. Two options have made it into the final selection process, which one it is will be revealed at the official presentation in September, originally planned for the Lenzerheide World Cup. Since that has just been cancelled, we’ll get updated on the new plans.

Trying to keep production as local as possible, the frames are welded in Europe. All frames feature custom built geometries within a range of parameters that Gamux feels are representative of their brand.

Andi reduced his reach compared to his last year’s Commencal Supreme down to 470 or 475mm, depending on the offset he’s using. He felt that he was a bit too stretched on his old bike in tighter corners, and with longer chainstays on the Gamux they kept the wheelbase the same length. Kolb was also asking for a low bottom bracket height, which now sits at 347mm.

Head angle is sitting at 63 to 63.5 degrees, depending on setup and adjusted ride height of the fork. They ran prototypes as slack as 62 degrees, but didn’t get along with that feel.

When the bike is launched riders will be able to choose their preferred wheel size. Usually, Andi rides 29” wheels front and rear. At the NotARace test session, he was trying out a smaller 27.5” rear wheel for the first time to see if he could add to the bike’s agility while still remaining stable due to the long chainstays.

bigquotes I thought that I would run into trouble on the straights coming from a super stable Commencal Supreme, but with our suspension and geometry setup on the Gamux there are zero problems.Andi Kolb

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